New Music International Festival 2013. De 30/11 a 08/12.
Novas Frequências 2013


POP (Polo de Pensamento Contemporâneo). Altogether, there are 14 artistic attractions – all to be seen for the first time in Rio – during 9 days of its program.

Among the attractions are the sound artist David Toop (England), one of the greatest intellectuals of contemporary music in a presentation that will have a special participation of the collective performative multimedia carioca Chelpa Ferro; guitarist and composer Stephen O’Malley (USA), undoubtedly the most celebrated name of experimental heavy metal; the master of soundscapes Tim Hecker (Canada); James Ferraro (USA), a documentarian of the sounds that accompany our technological life; Demdike Stare (England) horror movies imaginary soundtracks; Miles (England), a rare vinyl records collector and a lover of techno, dub and industrial; the union of free jazz, lo-fi electronics and Brazilian rhythms by São Paulo Underground (Brazil/USA); the abstract deconstructions of electronic promoted by Lee Gamble (England); Heatsick (England) practice of getting as much as possible from an old Casio keyboard; the drones and the dark ambient music from capixaba Gimu; the corrosive sound layers from paulistano Babe Terror; and the non-sense electronic surrealism of paulista Paulo Dandrea e mineiro Fudisterik.


About Novas Frequências

Novas Frequências was born out of the partnership between cultural producers Chico Dub and Tathiana Lopes. It seeks diversity and a creative use of technological tools, amid what we can baptize of the fine arts of contemporary music. No wonder many of the artists from the program perform beyond the stages of festivals, in clubs and show houses, as well as in museums, galleries and events related to visual arts. They are artists with promising careers in the avant-garde, who launch their works through internationally supported record labels and gained recognition in major publications of the so-called new music, such as: The Wire, Fact, Resident Advisor and The Quietus.

Since Novas Frequências’ very beginning, there has been an aspiration to create a forum to promote discussions on theoretical questions related to music, sound and contemporary behaviour. From such aspiration, and in partnership with Transform, an art initiative of British Council, Novas Frequências created the Talking Sounds.  Hosted by the founder and curator of the festival, Chico Dub, and mediated by the professors, writers and music critics Bernardo Oliveira and Fred Coelho, those meetings will put together around a table prominent British figures and people from different media – journalists, anthropologists, reviewers. What are the aesthetic ambitions among today’s artists? Has the collapse in the music industry affected music production?  What is the audience relation with music in a moment when physical formats have been declining?  To what extent information technology has disrupted the evolution of music? Those are some of the issues that will be discussed during Talking Sounds.

About the new design format, Chico Dub says:

“Within the world of new trends, avant-garde of electronic, and experimental music, the most interesting festivals to my research are those with multiple locations.  I believe in site specific actions, in the sense of “right event in the right place”.  The more places at a festival, the more exploratory windows open; more artistic possibilities arise. This relates to the importance of a festival like Novas Frequências also provide a dance floor and a place to exchange thoughts, besides the shows.”

Novas Frequências is sponsored by Oi, by the Government of Rio de Janeiro, by Secretaria de Estado de Cultura (state department of culture) and by Lei Estadual de Incentivo à Cultura do Rio de Janeiro (Rio State law for promotion of culture) and with the support of British Council. The firm Cardápio de Ideias Comunicação e Eventos signs its realization.